Thursday, 31 December 2015

Eucharist - Endarkenment - 2016 MLP


Hot on the heels of their Demise Rites demo collection released on vinyl by IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS, Australia's EUCHARIST return with a brand-new mini-album entitled Endarkenment, set for release on 12" vinyl via IRON BONEHEAD. The band's first new material in nearly five years, Endarkenment is fittingly titled: as much as it illuminates a new side to EUCHARIST, it simultaneously dives deeper into the darkest recesses of the duo's sound. Granted, the atavism/primitivism is still firmly rooted in such ancient gods as Archgoat and Demoncy, but Endarkenment runs counter to so much rote "bestial metal" by exploring the doomiest netherworlds inherent in the idiom - and more often than not, the notes in between. Still barbaric and disgusting, Endarkenment offers a more immersive experience, invoking ritualistic possession and nocturnal obeisance; as such, each side of the record is its own unified work, its own equally-ghastly headspace. Mystery and malignancy have become hallmarks of EUCHARIST, and with Endarkenment, their un-comforting white web of death looms larger than ever.
(Nathan T. Birk)

To be released in February 2016:
Copies will be available from Abyssic Commune upon release.

Friday, 4 May 2012


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Ill Omen - Enthroning the Bonds of Abhorrence - $10 LAST COPIES!

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Eucharist (Oz) - Demise Rites 12' MLP - $18

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IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present a special vinyl pressing of EUCHARIST's Demise Rites demo collection. Comprising two cassettes from 2011 - the selfsame Demise Rites debut and Tenebrous Summoning later that year, both limited to 50 copies but only half of which were circulated on dubbed tapes and Xeroxed covers - the full six-track compilation of Demise Rites introduced this solitary Australian to the metal underground with an air of mystery and malignancy. However, the label who released the Demise Rites compilation folded in 2012 not long after its release, which was limited to only 100 copies. Now, immortalized on vinyl, EUCHARIST shall have its rightful opportunity to infect more listeners worldwide and with ever more diseased tones than before. Remastered by BR especially for vinyl, Demise Rites is an absolutely punishing and overwhelming experience considering all material was recorded on a broken analog 4-track tape machine. Verminous and archaic, EUCHARIST hails such gods of primitivism/atavism as Archgoat and Demoncy, and suitably create an un-comforting white web of death, heaving and hulking in its lurking menace. Death, rebirth...behold EUCHARIST's Demise Rites.


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Temple Nightside - Ritualistic Death Metal Necromancy - Tape Boxset $12
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